Fit or Fat Day:7

Hello all! I’m so sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but as you’ve noticed I post in the evenings and yesterday night I was toasted! As mature as I try to be I am still 22 and every now and then I do indulge in the wonderful world of alcohol lol. So I’ll recap yesterday really fast, not very eventful I didn’t eat alot because I knew I would be drinking. I drank cherry vodka and sugar free redbull, not alot of calories is that and it’s yummy. Anyways today was a good day because I ate really food!! My mom made spaghetti and her famous meatballs and I ate them! I still watched my portions but it was so good to eat regular food. I had a huge salad and then a tiny saucer bowl of spaghetti and 2 meatballs, it was just enough to make me satisfied without over indulging, even though I wanted to play Bob the meatball lol. Thinks are getting easier I guess, but only time will tell. I’m doing a weigh in tomorrow morning! Have a good night yall’ P.S. I met someone, and they’re pretty cool.


Fit or Fat Day:5

Hello all! I hope you all had a better day then I did. Have you ever pored your heart and soul into something and given it all the blood, sweat, and tears that you have but it’s unappreciated? Well that’s how I feel at my job, nothing I do is good enough and today it’s just too much. Anyways you read this for the weight loss not my complaints, so hear it goes. Today was good, I ate only 1200 calories and wasn’t at all satisfied but oh well. I leisurely walked for 30 minutes, ran 1 mile(which was hard for me) and did 10 sit ups (all I could do). But that’s the most exercise I’ve ever really done, so yea have a good night y’all.

Fit or Fat Day:4

Hello all, so I’m not going to write alot tonight because I’m in a horrible mood. So I weighed in, down one pound lol, I mean I know you don’t really get accurate results for a few weeks but hey whatever. I also just want to thank the people who are following this blog because I didn’t think anyone would. Also if there is anything you want to know or advice please comment I do answer. Good night.

Fit or Fat Fay:3 Part 2

Hello again! So I don’t think I’m dieting right, and I need some advice and some help! Today I only ingested 991 calories, and I did try and eat more, but idk how to ingest the right type of calories or anything like that. Appearently tomorrow will be dedicated to investigating types of diets and better ways to eat. I’m so paranoid that I’m going to do this wrong that I think I’m doing more harm then good. As I mentioned before I’m hypoglycemic and today my blood sugar got really low and I had an almost blackout moment (don’t tell my mom). Things just got so caotic at work, I tie dyed 13 3 year old shirts, 2 4 year old shirts, and another teacher came over to dye her 9 5 year old shirts. My room was ridiculous, but I’d do anything for my kids at work, they are my biggest motivation to get healthy. Any ways tomorrow is weigh in day, not looking forward to, I don’t expect to see any changes. Good night all!

Fit or Fat Day:3 Part 1

Good morning wonderful blogging world, I didn’t plan on doing a 2 parter today, but oh well. So it’s the morning of day 3 and I feel so sick, I tend to forget that I’m hypoglycemic and that of I don’t diet properly my body fights back. Also I said I wasn’t going to be one of those crazy picture people so as I said yesterday one pic a week, and I’ll weigh in 2 maybe 3 times a week. I know it’s a slow process, but hey motivation is the key! Have a good day everyone!

Fit or Fat Day:2

So obviously today was day 2 of my diet, and needless to day I’m hungry! I think I did really good today, and didn’t eat alot if calories, or any fatty foods. I work for a daycare, so I eat breakfast and lunch with my kiddos and depending on snack I may have some. Since making the decision to start this lifestyle change, I’ve decided that my portion won’t be bigger then theirs. It makes it crazy hard because I work with 3 year olds and they get tiny portion sizes. Anyways that equaled 1 waffle, and 2 tablespoons of fruit for breakfast, 3 baked chicken rings, 2 tablespoons of mixed veggies, and 1 tablespoon of pears for lunch. Yep, from 4,000 calories to that, just ouch! Then I had dinner and it was 2.5 cups of lettuce, half a cup of shredded provolone cheese, a can of tuna, and 3 tablespoons on Italian dressing. Great salad though, I need some good low calorie recepies, maybe if I actually get readers I’ll find some and post them. I hope to do one pic a week, although I hear it can take 8-12 weeks before you notice any changes. Have a great night, I hope someone reads lol.

Fit or Fat Day:1

So, I’m not a blogger but I thought maybe starting a blog would help me stick to my goal. I currently weigh 316.6 lbs and want to be down to 118 lbs, it’s a healthy goal and will hopefully help with my asthma and such. Today is day number one and it already sucks!! I haven’t watched what I’ve eaten, I don’t think ever so this is a serious change. I’m 22 and always been big even as a child, so my lifestyle has never been changed. I have asthma that seems to be getting worse (although it could be because I’m although smoker), and I think bow is the time to nip my weight in the butt.
I’m ready to live a healthier life, and hopefully gain a little more self confidence. So starting this morning I’ve went from eating anything and everything almost 4,000 calories to no more then 1,500. It’s going to be tough but I hope I can do it.